RSM Utils Update

So some of you might know this, I have this utility library that I’ve started a while ago to help me with a few things. Mostly it’s stuff that I repeat over and over in every project. I also add a few things here and there. But one thing was bothering me. I was tired that it was causing a certain dependancy with a dll/so file. The library being distributed under zlib/png license, to me it didn’t made sense to have this dependancy, even if the code is open source. What I really wanted was to be able to just include the file you are interested in, and voila.

So what did I do? I removed the dependancy. Removed all the .cpp files, removed the generation of a library file, and re-organised the class accordingly. So now, we finally have a header-only utility library. And it works just as well. Also you guys might have noticed that I removed the Travis-CI file. The latest addition to the library requires threads, and I can’t have them with Travis-CI. Finally everyone, remember that you are more than welcomed to do pull requests or to submit issues if you notice anything’s wrong.

On such, take care everyone and have fun!