Hey there! Been a while hasn’t it? So what has been up with me? Well I’ve been pretty busy with school and work, but that’s the usual. What I’m writing about is the event that occured last week-end. I’m talking about the hackathon organized by GSOFT, the #SlackathonMTL. The hackathon theme was very simple: For a better workplace. And as you may have figure out already, the hackathon revolved around Slack. In fact, we had to make a SlackBot for Slack that respected the theme. In a total of 24h. From Saturday 9:30AM to Sunday 9:30AM. And wow, we did good.

Here comes Schedulo

For our bot, we decided to tackle a specific problem that arise in every organisation, the struggle of setting up meetings. We figured out that when you want to schedule a meeting, as soon as you need more than 3 persons in that meeting, it gets painful to setup. Finding the right moment that everyone is free, for how long, etc. is not easy. And the more people that needs to be in the meeting, the more painful it gets to organized. And this is where Schedulo comes in play. Our bot uses natural language processing to analyse what is going on in the conversation and figure out that you want a meeting. It tracks specific keyword to be sure he won’t start the process of a meeting for nothing. And once it starts the process of a meeting it’s very easy, Schedulo will pull out the calendar of the different members in the channel that could be useful in the meeting and find the best moment that a meeting could be scheduled for the team members. And if somebody can’t at that moment for whatever reason, he can say it and Schedulo will find another moment that fits the best for everyone. And once the everyone is happy with a date, it put the meeting diretly in your calendar. That simple.

The challenge

Now, unlike most hackathon in which I took part, this one focus was more on the marketing and sale than on the code itself. But we didn’t know that before end and so we arrived 4 programmers, ready to rock the code. That hurted us, because we had to do a pitch sale and present the project in front of two judges to go to the final round, and present in front of everyone. Thankfully, a member of our team was good enough to make a nice slideshow and did an incredible job to sale us, because we got into the final round, with 5 other bots. Sadly, we didn’t win. We got a special mention from the judges though.

While I’m sharing the website of the project, please keep in mind we had no designer. Yes the landing page is a disaster. Gotta deal with it! Come and see Schedulo!

On such, have a nice day friends!