Ubisoft Mtl Game Lab Competition 2016

Wow! What a few crazy months it has been. I didn’t see the time pass by. To be honest, I’ve been very, VERY occupied in the last few month. School took the usual toll but this time I had also something else: The Ubisoft Mtl Game Lab Competition 2016. This competition organized by Ubisoft Montreal is simple. Each team has 10 weeks to make a game prototype that follow multiple constraint and a common theme. And each team are composed of up to 8 students currently in enrolled in a University. Well, I’m proud to say, we did it.

The constaints

Like I said, the game had multiple constraints and a specific mandate:

  • Have two systems that interact with each other
  • Have three game mechanics that interact with the systems
  • Have an evolutionary progressive curve
  • Checkpoints
  • Elements of physics
  • An element of AI
  • The game must use either Unity3D or Unreal Engine 4
  • The game must be rendered in 3D
  • The avatar must be visible on screen
  • Have at least 10 minutes of gameplay
  • The use of a gamepad is mandatory

And the theme was Ocean.

Astral Tides

This is our game. Three programmers and five artists contributed to the game. The concept is simple: You’re an astral being that realises that the stars of the constellation starts to fall in the arctic. You decide to take the shape of a wolf to go in search of the stars. To help you in your task, you can control the tides to solve the different puzzle that you will come across. Our systems were the water tides and the water streams.

For more information, make sure to take a look at astral-tides.com. A build will soon be put available for people to play.

Finally, here’s a small gameplay footage.

Thanks and have a nice day folks